Productquality: While the quality of all our products is for medical use, some items may require special testing in order to get official approval for medical use in certain countries. Since such testing is usually very expensive, the cost is not always justified for the small quantities sold or saleable. We can therefore not take any responsibility for particular test requirements and ask our customers to check possible restrictions before they order. Usually 1 piece per item can be imported without problems if declared as commercial sample, or as sample for testing. Please mention in your order if you wish to have such a declaration or any other declaration, if you require a maximum value declared in the proforma invoice attached to the shipment, if you would like to split your shipment (smaller parcels may pass easier as samples) or if you require a certain product description. While our products usually comply with the European Norms and bear the CE-Mark on the package, FDA-testing for medical use in the USA applies wherever indicated on the product picture. Please note that not all products require FDA testing, and also that items which require testing as medical products may still be imported as other products (eg novelties or products for industrial use). Products may vary from pictures shown. See also: Liability