Recommendations for Herbal Enemas

We provide infusion bags of 1 gram each to simplify preparation, dosage and storage! Also most herbs are finely ground to maximize the effect of active substances in the infusion, and to filter them out with a strainer would not be possible.

Recommended strength for enema infusions:
1 bag for up to 200 cc - 2 bags for up to 500 cc - 3 bags for up to one litre - 4 bags for up to 2 litres

Preparation of enema infusion: Pour boiling water over infusion bag(s) and let it draw for 5-10 minutes. Stir thoroughly. Remove bag(s), let cool or mix with cold water until the liquid has approximately body temperature. No other additives!

For best effects we recommend the following proceedure:
1. Start with one or two cleansing enemas to clear the colon and lower parts of the bowels and to clean the mucous membrane. Cleansing enemas should be just plain warm water or mild warm soap water, followed by plain warm water to rinse.
2. Administer herbal enema, to be kept for 5-10 minutes in order to allow a maximum of active substances to be absorbed. Slow administration helps to gain time and to avoid irritations. Ideal is long, soft rubber colon tube with small diameter, knee-ellbow position with elevated back and lowered chest, and administration by second person.
3. Empty bowels & rest or sleep!

Volume & Frequency
Please note that there is no rule for the volume of enemas - they may be small or large, depending on preferences and capability. Any enema proceedure is to be aborted or interrupted immediately in case of any pain occuring. Please proceed with utmost care when administering enemas to yourself or others.
Frequency of herbal enemas is just as much a matter of personal preferences and opportunities. Once a month, once a week or intensive treatment over a short period of time is all possible. The wish and desire counts more than any rule - following the ayurvedic principle to follow the calls and signals of your own body rather than any rules set up by other people.

Suggestion for intensive treatment: Consume herbal infusion at least 3 times daily as tea plus 1-2 times daily as enema. Repeat for 2-3 days (possibly weekend). Best results if combined with fasting - with weight reduction as side effect welcomed by many....

The effects of plants as described on our website are suggestions taken from the experience of herbal folk medicine as shown in literature on herbs and their effects. They neither claim to be complete nor do they guarantee any result or success. The use of our 100% pure herbs is solely at the discretion of our customers.

While we give all information and recommendations according to our best knowledge and best intention but cannot accept any liability or give any guarantee whatsoever.

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